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Board of Directors

Our board of directors brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise combined with their commitment and dedication to improving access to quality healthcare in Haiti creates the foundation and backbone of HSO.  Their ideas, business acumen, and innovative thinking help shapes our mission and the path to achieving our goals and impact. Read below to learn more about our incredible team and leaders.

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Jean Webens Jecrois, MD

 Founder & President

Dr. Jean Webens Jecrois, is an infectious disease specialist who has been highly trained in Haiti, France and the USA.  In 2006, he rehabilitated a community clinic that provides healthcare services to some of the poorest people in Haiti, and has served more than 300,000 patient visits to date. As the medical director, he was responsible for overseeing every aspect of the community clinic.  He also volunteered his time working in rural and underserved areas in the Northern and Southern part of Haiti to treat thousands of people living with HIV(PLHIV) and people who had tuberculosis, cryptococcosis, pneumonias and other infectious diseases.

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Garry Droiville
Vice President

Born and raised in Haiti, Jean Garry Droiville is very passionate about improving lives in Haiti.  He studied electricity and use his skills to install electricity in more than 100 houses in Haiti free of charge in order to provide reliable power to households in need. Garry is a philanthropist that is always using his resources to help underserved communities.

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Marie Victorin, RN/BSN 


Marie Sherly Victorin BSN, RN is a registered nurse with over 5 years of experience in various healthcare settings primarily focused in nursing administration and management.  She is passionate about community service and strives to impact healthcare advocacy in the Haitian community.  She possesses a Bachelors in Science and Nursing, and currently pursuing a Master's of Science in Nursing with a specialty track in Family Nurse Practitioner.  


Jean Widmael Sainca

Webmaster / IT Director

Widmael is an engineer with over 10 years of experience in the IT field.  Born and raised in Haiti, he has witnessed the harsh realities of chronic poverty and lack of healthcare access in Haiti and is committed to using his skills to drive positive and sustainable change in Haiti.


Widmael earned a degree in Computer Science and served as the IT director for HSO.

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