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    Coronavirus Outbreak in Haiti

    2020 has been a particularly dreadful year for the world. A pandemic due to the new coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) is raging globally. No country is spared. Even some of the largest countries such as the USA, France and Canada with advanced health systems and public health infrastructure are overwhelmed.

    Thus, the underdeveloped countries are paying the heaviest price for this pandemic with ongoing chronic poverty and lack of access to healthcare. Haiti, whose socio-economic difficulties are already enormous, is plagued by increased problems as a direct result of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. The extremely weak Haitian health system is already overwhelmed. In fact, more than 2 out of 100 of Haitians contracting this virus have died from it. Millions of Haitians are being pushed to extreme poverty due to COVID-19. Given the lack of large-scale screening and testing, the exact number of Haitians suffering from the coronavirus will never be known and is grossly underestimated in Haiti.  Social and cultural customs in Haiti are also raising the risk factors and making prevention of the virus more difficult.  HSO is working hard to promote equity access to health care, especially in rural and mountainous areas in an effort to help remedy this situation.  Healing the sick Organization cannot do this without your generosity and support.  Your donations will help save lives and help prevent unjustifiable death in Haiti.

"He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything."

 Arabian Proverb

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